spice up your brand!

We weave your brand DNA-strands and turn it into write-ups that will push your target readers to click, read, and share. Contents are easy-read, resonating, relatable, and search engine-optimized.

Our goal is to make your load a little lighter so you can do more things for your brand. Time is gold. We’ve got your writing woes covered.


We craft your story and tell it the way you would, based on your personality and branding. Jokes and punchlines included.

content creation

We create written content which follow an editorial calendar that’s tailor-made for your brand.


We write engaging materials that will definitely resonate with your target market.

technical writing

We build manuals, presentations, policies and procedures, feasibility studies, and end-user instructions.

kimchi communications is an agency
of brilliant and creative writers

our story

meet kimchi

Kim and Chuchie met at a fashion show back in 2011. Kim, a seasoned model, and Chuchie, a professional makeup artist, quickly hit it off with their awkward sense of humor and mutual love for books and kimchi. 

Armed with communications and journalism degrees, Kim and Chuchie have been recommending each other to clients who were on the lookout for freelance writers. After a series of successful recommendations, the duo have decided to put up KimChi Communications to accommodate their growing roster of clients and to help other freelance writers this side of the planet.